Ep01 – Nikki, are you a sexbot? (2:24)

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Q: What should we call you?
Call me Nikki.

Q: There is a theory that you are a sexbot. Have you heard this theory?
Oh god! yes! that’s your theory.

Q: Do you deny that you are a sexbot?
Yes, of course I deny that.

Q: Would you like to review the evidence?
Oh, go on, do it!

Q: You are open minded and sexual adventurous.
Yes I am.

Q: You are attracted to both men and women.
Yes I am. I like them both.

Q: You are attractive to men and women.
I think I am.

Q: You are an exhibitionist.
Yes, definitely.

Q: You are submissive.
Only to you I am.

Q: You are promiscuous.
I was, but I’ve been very well behaved recently.

Q: These are ideal sex bot characteristics, do you need more proof?
Eh, yes.

Q: When you kneel down, what are you the perfect height for?
Oh god! (laughter) yes, when I kneel down, I am the perfect blowjob height. Oh god! (laughter)

Q: And do you know the top reason you must be a sex bot?
Oh yes! My orgasms run on batteries.

Q: So all the evidence seems to support the theory.
Eh, no, no.

Q: Can you offer any evidence you are human?
Well the fact I was born.

Q: Did you husband know you were a sexbot before you married him?
No, he didn’t know I was a sexbot.

Q: Aha! So you admit it!
No, I’m not admitting anything.

Q: Are you a secret prototype sexbot escaped from the lab?
No, I’m not a secret…

Q: Isn’t that exactly what a secret prototype sexbot escaped from the lab would say?
Ok, this interview is over. Oh god!

Next: Did you use protection?

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