Serious offers only please

Since launching this project I’m being propositioned a lot.

I had heard things but I had no idea just how much women were subject to dick pics and sexual advances online.

This is new to me and exhilarating! πŸ˜€

Complete strangers message me and ask to sleep with me or buy my used underwear. Some just want a special picture or a video chat.

You don’t get if you don’t ask, I suppose. Thank you to everyone who has propositioned me. I appreciate your generous offers and I wish I could service them all.

But please understand I can’t have sex with everyone. That’s not realistic. For one thing, I’m as picky as you are. That’s reasonable, isn’t it? The other issue is my husband, who is tolerant but paranoid about my safety.

To make things easier, if you’d like to proposition meΒ  then please fill the form below. There are no wrong answers so please be honest. Serious offers only!

UPDATE: I’m not accepting applications any more, see below.

Ps. If you’re entering on behalf of a couple, put two answers where appropriate πŸ˜‰

Proposition Nikki

I am no longer open for business! Thank you so much to everyone who indulged me by applying. It was a real thrill and I hope to open it up again in the future. For now, this form is turned off. Sorry!
Love, Nikki xx


Ps. This is not a joke. Serious offers will get serious responses.

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Love, Nikki xx