9 rules and 14 guidelines hubby gave me to be his submissive

Hubby and I were married for a long time before we transitioned from equals to owner/property. When that change was beginning, he sent me a list of 9 rules and 14 good behaviours he expected me to follow.

I share them below for your entertainment.

From: Hubby
To: Nikki
Subject: As my submissive wife I expect you to obey rules.

Dear Nikki,

As my submissive I expect you to behave. From now on you will:

  • Put my needs and expectations first
  • Wear only clothes approved by me
  • Cook what I tell you to
  • Surrender access to your phone, email, social media, bank account, handbag, etc
  • Ask permission to spend more than €200 in one day
  • Not fool around with anyone without my approval
  • Allow me 24/7 unrestricted sexual access to your body
  • Send me a “good morning” message every morning when I am at work

If, in my opinion, you have broken a rule or acted inappropriately or unladylike you will be punished. Depending on the offense, punishments will range from spanking to suspension of privileges to garnishing your allowance.


Rules are important but they should be balanced with incentives. The following is a list of good behaviour that will be rewarded. Rewards will include meals out, gifts, sex with other people, etc.

  • Telling me when you are wet
  • Calling me Sir in private
  • Kneeling down without being asked
  • Wearing a choker without being asked
  • Looking sexy/sophisticated as much as possible
  • Being explicit in your language (“Please fuck me”)
  • Going commando in skirts & dresses
  • Pointing out strangers you are attracted to
  • Telling me when you have masturbated
  • Telling me about your sex dreams
  • Thanking me after sex for using you
  • Tell me when a stranger admires, flirts or compliments you
  • Tell me when you admired, flirted or complimented a stranger
  • Promptly read/watch any links I send you & reply with your thoughts (*)

* It amuses hubby to regularly send me smutty gifs, images, blogs, etc and have me comment on what he’s sent.

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Love, Nikki xx