Ep10 – Nikki, are you in an open relationship? (2:38)

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Q: Are you a slave?
No, I’m not a slave. I’m a submissive housewife.

Q: Do you have rules to follow?
Yes, I do have rules to follow.

Q: Are you punished if you break the rules?
I am.

Q: Is it your choice to submit?
Yes, it is my choice.

Q: Is it just sexual submission?
No, it extends past the bedroom.

Q: What’s in it for you?
Security, happiness, it satisfyies all my needs.

Q: What do you like about submission?
It feels so natural, I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.

Q: What don’t you like about submission?
I haven’t found any thing yet that I haven’t liked about it.

Q: How does your husband use you?
I assume you’re just talking sexually. He uses me to satisfy all his kinks.We’re exploring them together.

Q: Do you enjoy serving your husband?
Yes, I do, very much.

Q: Does it turn you on being submissive?
Yes, it does.

Q: Are you in an open relationship?

Q: Has your relationship always been open?
No, it hasn’t. It’s basically a reward for good behaviour.

Q: Are you allowed sleep with anybody you like?
No, Hubby has final say.

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