Tentacles: I want to believe

Scully gave the bath a final swoosh with her hand before getting in.

As she lay back she hummed along with the music from her iPhone. She was unaware of the presence outside the bathroom door.

Exhaustion overtook her and she quickly fell into a peaceful trance.

As her mind enjoyed naughty and unprofessional thoughts of Mulder, a tentacle pushed open the door.

Silently it slipped into the room, moving along the floor as it was joined by two more.

Coiled together, the tentacles made their way towards the bath. They secreted a clear film that lubricated their way and smeared where they’d been.

With ease the tentacles moved up the side of the bath and slipped over the edge and into into the water undetected.

With the lightest of touch two of the tentacles coiled around her ankles.

The third tentacle ensnared Scully’s throat causing her to snap out of her daydream. It pinned her in reaction to her instinctual and frantic clawing and jerking.

All three tentacles tightened and pulsed in unison now.

Unable to scream and only barely able to take a breath, Scully was helpless.

She thrashed but it was no use as the tentacles vastly overpowered her. Soon she lay entirely motionless in their rigid grip. Her muscles tired from their struggle and she slackened, having no option but to relax.

The tentacles sensed her body slacked, they responded immediately by resumed their exploration.

Scully’s heart pounded in her chest as the tentacle around her throat reached with its tip to probe at her lips. In disgust she tried to turn her head away but couldn’t. The tentacle tip was slightly pointed and ridged along its surface. It smeared its slippery ooze on her lips as it parted them and moved inside her mouth.

The ooze coated her tongue and she noted its bitter taste.

Scully needed to scream for help but she was completely helpless. The tentacles continued their assault.

The tentacles previously around her ankles had slowly explored upward and after finding her holes, slipped insider her.

Laying there, unable to move, Scully’s eyes filled with tears. She was frightened and confused.

It occurred to her that if the tentacles wanted to hurt her they could have already. The one wrapped around her neck seemed to be toying with her. It sensed just how much force was required to keep her from screaming but still keep her conscious.

As they explored her body cavities the tentacles worked independently of each other.

Scully tried to remain calm as they held her tight. She desperately tried to come up with a plan to escape but found herself distracted by how pleasurable the probing was. She realised with a start that she was turned on.

The tentacles felt similar to large cocks and she had three of them inside her.

They writhed and squirmed and moved in a way no cock ever could. They stroked her insides, sending ripples of pleasure through her core.

She cursed her body for finding this invasion so enjoyable.

It wasn’t long before Scully’s body took over, quietening her mind and letting her climax in spasms of pleasure.

As her orgasm subsided she felt the tentacle in her mouth suddenly begin tensing and jerking. It squirted something into her throat. There was a lot of it and she was forced to swallow. She felt similar tensing and jerking in her other holes now, the tentacle’s each taking their turn to spasm with pleasure.

When they’d finished throbbing they slid out of her holes. Scully coughed and gasped for breath as all three tentacles released her and retreated.

She lay in the bath water breathless, dazed and glowing. Never had she experienced anything like that. Tentacle semen leaked from her body.

The bath water was slimmed and soiled by the various fluids produced by the tentacles.

Wait till I tell Mulder, she thought.

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