My tribute to Seven of Nine

I am a big fan of Seven of Nine. This is a record of my recent cosplay tribute to her. I hope I did her justice. I’d love to know what you think!

I had a lot of fun making this costume.

I tried using paper mache to make the hand and face implants but it didn’t behave well. Neither did clay.

After a little experimentation I hit on a solution. I drew on a rubber kitchen glove (a Marigold). The rubber took paint really well. And it was easy to cut.

The textured finish on the glove surface really gave Seven‘s hand implants a nice appearance, you can’t see this in the pictures unfortunately. I added rope to a standard top to give it the ribbed corset look. I already owned suitably tight pants and tall ankle boots. And my hair was already the right colour but I asked my stylist to give it the Seven of Nine look.

The Star Fleet communicator was kindly purchased by hubby at my request. It is surprisingly awesome. I was expecting it to be kind of cheap but it looks and feels very solid. It’s awesome.

Thanks for visiting Smutling. I hope you enjoy my work.
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Love, Nikki xx