This is modern day feminism


I create a lot of noise online.

Blogs, pictures, videos, tweets, erotica, …

Most people who see my “content” seem to get it. They understand I’m just trying to be entertaining.

Some don’t get it at all.

Why do I publish sexually suggestive material?

Why would a woman do this?

This confusion has occasionally led to me being mistaken for a cam girl or a prostitute. They skim the words I write and assume I’m advertising for business.

I publish sexually charged material because I enjoy it. Because it reflects my hobbies and interests. Because it’s my Internet as much as it’s yours.

This is modern day feminism.

I am a woman with a sex life. I enjoy talking about it. I’ve found others who enjoy listening. If you don’t get it, move along. Plenty of space for everyone.

Nobody is paying me. Nobody is coercing me.

I’m just a chick with a sex life.

My kinks include being open and public about sex. It gets me hot to tell you all about what I’ve done and what I want to do. It turns me on to answer filthy questions from perverted strangers. It turns me on knowing I’m turning them on.

If you come to my website, read my About page and still don’t get it – then go in peace my friend, our paths are not meant to cross.

In the spirit of everything I just wrote, let me add this – I blew my husband earlier, it was awesome. That is all.

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Love, Nikki xx