My Tattoo

I never thought I’d ever get a tattoo.

Never thought I’d have something that I really wanted tattooed on me. Don’t get me wrong, I can admire and enjoy quality tattoos on other people. I just never saw myself wanting it for me.

The idea of getting a tattoo did intrigue me, but I felt there was nothing really worth the pain and permanence.

Let me explain the back story to how I changed my mind.

My submission to my husband started in the bedroom. But it gradually took over other parts of our lives. Some just became obvious areas he could assert dominance and I would follow. And for other areas I just asked him to please take over. My bank account, passwords, medication, etc.

As hubby took more and more control away from me, he gave back twice as much. We got to the point where he had given me permission to talk about my sex life online, to publish racy pictures and filthy stories. He told me I could fool around with other people. I had his permission and support to be the fun-loving slut I really wanted to be.

Mostly, he was showing me how generous he could be.

When it began, in the bedroom, my submission was essentially roleplay. I behaved the way he wanted because what he wanted was within my comfort zone. But it really became more than that.

I wanted to show my appreciation for his generosity and care. So I asked him if he’d like to tattoo me, to brand his  property and make me permanently His.

After a short discussion, he decided he would accept my offer. He told me what tattoo I would get and where on my body it would be.

I asked him to organize a visit to a tattoo parlor. He drove me, he waited with me, he paid. Before I went in, he took my arm and checked – Are you sure you want this? I was excited and nervous. I definitely wanted it.

I went  into the tattoo place as a kinky housewife. I came out as a true submissive housewife.

The tattoo was my gift to him. It’s a simple design, two horizontal dashes.

This is the letter “M” in Morse code. My husband’s initial and how he signs his notes and emails to me.

That tattoo is on the nape of my neck, just below my hairline. When I kneel, head bowed, he sometimes moves the hair to admire it. I know when he sees it, it pleases him. And that pleases me.

With that small tattoo my submission and devotion went from roleplay to reality. I am his.

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Love, Nikki xx