Ep23 – Nikki, does your husband own you? (4:05)

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Q: Can we talk about your ownership?
Yes we can.

Q: Does your husband consider you his property?
I think he does, and I hope he does.

Q: Do you consider yourself your husband’s property?
Yes I do.

Q: How long have you been his?
Since we got married.

Q: Have you been owned by anyone else?

Q: Would you stop being a housewife and get a job if he told you to?
Yes I would.

Q: Would you move country if he told you to?
Yes, I would.

Q: Would you move to a country where women have little or no rights if he told you?
I would because I trust him, if that was the right decision to make.

Q: Would you obey him if he restricted your eye line, like if he told you not to make eye contact with him without permission?
I imagine that would be really difficult and I would try and negotiation with him. I’d rather not do that.

Q: Would you eat less food or different foot if he told you to?
As long as I could have Coke or Pepsi, and my stale cinema popcorn I’d follow any diet he wanted.

Q: Would you accept restrictions on masturbating if he told you not to masturbate without permission?
I don’t like the idea of that. I’d talk to him about that. I’m sure we’d come to some arrangement.

Q: Would you masturbate daily if he instructed you to?
If I could fit it in. I don’t have the time though.

Q: Would you show your body to a stranger if he told you to?
Yes I would. And I have.

Q: Would you upload explicit pictures or videos if he told you to?
I trust him so yes.

Q: Would you let a stranger kiss you and touch your body if he told you to?
Yes. And I would trust him.

Q: Would you like losing control and not being responsible for your slutty behavior?
Ow. That’s a Pandora’s box. Yes.

Q: Would you go out in public with cum on your clothes if he told you to?
I would but I don’t think hubby would ever ask me to do that.

Q: Would you let him whore you to a stranger?
Yes I would, but I reckon he would consult me first two.

Q: If he decided to tattoo or brand you, would you let him?
Branding, I don’t think I could stand the pain of that. I think it would be too much.

Q: If hubby told you to kneel down and blow him in a public place, purely as an act of submission, would you?
Maybe after a glass of wine or two.

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