Ep25 – Nikki, have you been faithful? (4:50)

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Q: Have you been faithful to your husband since you got married?
With a hand on my heart I have never cheated on my husband.
Q: Were you faithful to him when you were dating?
Now that’s a different story.
Q: How many different people did you cheat on him with?
Q: Who was the first?
The first was a casual fling and it was a female.
Q: Can you describe her briefly?
Petite, short hair, brown, alternative looking, punky, piercings
Q: When was this?
I had recently gotten back together with Hubby, we were dating at that point. We had broken up but gotten back together.
Q: You had sex with her?
I did have sex with her.
Q: Several times?
Q: Where abouts?
It happened in various nightclubs.
Q: Did you come on to her?
I think it was pretty mutual.
Q: What was sex with her like?
I remember it being awkward and fumbly, but very hot.
Q: Who was the second person?
My drug dealer.
Q: Can you describe him briefly?
He was tall, he had a shaved head. he rocked the look, slim build.
Q: When was this?
I was living with Hubby at this stage, still just dating. But I got high one night on ecstasy and was with him.
Q: You had sex with him?
No, I didn’t have sex with him. There was a lot of fooling around. His hands were all over me, my hands were all over him.
Q: Did you come onto him?
I don’t remember.
Q: Did you want to have sex with him?
Yes, I did.
Q: Why didn’t you have sex with him?
The reason why we didn’t have sex was because he had taken ecstasy too and one of the side effects of E is you can’t maintain an erection.
Q: If you could, would you like to have sex with him now?
Q: If you could, would you like to have sex with her now?
No, I wouldn’t
Q: Did you enjoy the thrill of cheating?
No, I did not. It’s not for me.
Q: When did you tell your husband about these infidelities?
After I’d been married a few years and when I became submissive to hubby.
Q: What was his reaction?
He was calmly pissed, understandably but I think he wasn’t surprised and inwordly just rolled his eyes.
Q: Were you punished?

If you consider a spanking and a blowjob as punishment then yes I was. but I tend to do that all the time any way.

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