You scratch my back…

Trading sex for money is illegal. I can’t imagine why but it is. I assume trading sex for valuable objects like jewellery is the same. Is it illegal to trade sex for low value goods like a bouquet of flowers? Is it illegal to trade sex for services like lawn mowing or car servicing?

You may not know that I am a “hotwife”. I’ve slept with guys (and girls) that I introduced to hubby and asked for permission to be with. And I’ve slept with men hubby introduced me to.

Something else you may not know is that I am a trained masseuse. I’m trained in various forms of massage – Swedish, Aromatherapy, Sports, etc. I worked as a massage therapist, ran a small therapy studio and had a loyal set of customers. But through all that I never traded anything for sex. Not even a quick handjob.

In a fun conversation with hubby recently we were discussing hypothetical scenarios about trading sex, situations involving bartering without cash. I wondered if I could find anyone interested in trading for my massage skills. Or better yet, for more adult services.

What do you have that you can barter with?

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