Sex Pajamas

I have basic clothes making skills. I’d love one day to launch a line of sexy lingerie.

It was during a conversation with hubby about sexy bedroom wear that he mentioned his own idea, “Sex Pajamas”.

Here is how he described it to me:

Take a standard pair of men’s pajama pants. Then cut out the fabric covering the crotch. This should leave a V shaped hole that exposes the man’s genitals. Then reattach the fabric with some sort of fastener like buttons, poppers or velcro. Bam! Sex Pajamas.

The idea is that a seated dominant male can expose his junk for immediate submissive attention without needing to stand up and move his pants out of the way.

Hubby went to bed early one night. I seized my chance and got to work on a prototype.

The next day I surprised him with his gift. He loved them.

I was relieved to find they fit well. Naturally, he insisted on road testing the Sex Pajamas immediately. I’m thrilled to say they performed exactly as expected!

For your viewing pleasure, “Sex Pajamas by Nikki & Hubby”, patent-pending:

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