Ep28 – Nikki, can you describe his uniform? (5:25)

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Q: We need to revisit an earlier question… Have you fooled around with a man in uniform?
I have now.

Q: Who was he?
A Garda which is an Irish policeman.

Q: Can you describe him?
Shaved head, big muscles, very strong.

Q: Can you describe his uniform?
It was a tough looking uniform. He was wearing a stab proof vest and he had cuffs and a baton on his belt. His arms were exposed.

Q: How did you meet him?
Hubby arranged for us to meet. He came to the house and he brought flowers which I thought was very sweet.

Q: Was hubby there?
Yes, hubby was there the whole time.

Q: Can you describe was happened?
We were hanging out and having a few drinks and then hubby told him to hang cuff me and frisk me.

Q: What were you wearing?
I was wearing a lovely dark knee length dress, with long sleeves but it was very fitted showing off my figure. And I wore black high heels. Very high. And black panties.

Q: What happened when he cuffed and frisked you?
Well, he was very rough. He handcuffed me with my hands behind my back. He was very thorough. And his hands were everywhere.

Q: What happened next?
He uncuffed me so I could remove my clothing. And then he cuffed me again.

Q: And then what happened?
Hubby told me to blow him.

Q: Where was hubby during all this?
He was in the room, having a beer.

Q: Did hubby give many instructions?
Not many, however he did tell me to kneel down at one point.

Q: Was the policeman strong?
He was very strong. He had no difficulty picking me up and throwing me on the couch.

Q: Was he well endowed?
I was very impressed with his girth.

Q: Did you fuck him?
I mentioned that I’m an ex gymnast and I guess he wanted to test me because my ankles ended up around my ears.

Q: Did he cum in you?
He did, but he was wearing a condom.

Q: Did you cum?
No, it wasn’t about my pleasure. I was just a willing sex object.

Q: What happened after the sex?
We hung out, we had some beers and some laughs.

Q: Is there anything else you want to include?
Yes, when he was frisking me, he ate my ass.

Q: Can you tell us more?
Hubby was in front of me, he was behind me. He lifted up my skirt/dress and pulled down my underwear. It was very hot.

Q: What was your favorite bit of the whole night?
My favorite bit would be just seeing him in his uniform. Very hot.

Q: What do you think was his favorite bit?
Well he did comment on how good my blowjob skills were. So I’m going to go for that one.

Q: Has hubby ever seen you being used by another man?
No, he hasn’t but after the Garda left, hubby fucked me thoroughly.

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