Ep29 – Nikki, does your husband use you daily? (4:33)

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Q: Can we discuss we your status as a submissive housewife?
We can.

Q: Do you have a job?
My job is a housewife.

Q: What’s the first thing hubby has you do on a daily basis?
First thing I would do is say good morning to hubby. Weather that be in person or through text message.

Q: When getting dressed, do you have specific instructions?
Yes, my wardrobe has been vetted by hubby. So I only wear approved items and that goes for my shoes as well.

Q: Can you tell us about your clothing?
My wardrobe consists of mainly tight fitting clothes. Lots of skirts. Skirts of a certain height. Basically finger length. Dresses. Same goes for dresses. Tight fitting, short, nothing baggy and loads of high heels.

Q: Do you have any specific rules or restrictions in clothing?
Yes, underwear has to be a certain colour, black or very dark.

Q: Do you have specific makeup or hair instructions?
Yes. Wear nice makeup. It doesn’t have to be full makeup every day but to look groomed.

Q: When doing housework and grocery shopping do you wear approved outfits and makeup?
Oh, I do. Yes, I will go and do the shopping in high heels and tight clothing.

Q: Do you have specific cooking instructions?
Yes, I have a stack of cards of approved foods and meals that hubby wants me to cook. It’s quite extensive and I’m happy to cook any thing on it.

Q: Do you have an income?
No I don’t have an income. Hubby takes card of all of the finances and he gives me money if I need it.

Q: Do you have any special skills related to looking after your husband?
Yes, I learnt how to cook his favourite dishes properly and to the best of my ability. I cut hubby’s hair and he likes head massages and I’m more than happy to oblige.

Q: Does your husband use you sexually every day?
Almost every day.

Q: What other non-sexual submissive things do you do for your husband?
Well, some times I would kneel by his chair when we are just hanging out, at his feet.

Q: Are there any other rules or instructions you have to obey daily?
Well, he likes me to wear chokers in the evening. That’s his favourite piece of jewelry I guess. And I’m available 24/7 basically.

Q: What’s an extreme example of 24/7 access?
Well, there are times that hubby might be watching porn and then he might turn to me and finish on my face!

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