Time for change

I’ve filmed, edited and published thirty videos discussing my sex life and my sexual history. I’ve admitted to things on camera that I bearly acknowledged before the Smutling project began.

It’s because of all your supportive messages I’ve continued on with my little project. The Internet is not nearly as cynical and negative as you’ve heard, believe me. I’ve felt nothing but warmth and acceptance, despite my slutty ways.

Thirty videos is a lot, so I’m taking a break with “Just Nikki Show”. There are other aspects of Smutling that need my attention. I’ll be back soon.

Smutling stage 2 is about to begin and I’m so excited.

I’m working to a multiple-stage plan for world domination.

Step 1 was uncontrollable erections at the sound of my voice. Check.

Step 2… Well, you’ll have to wait to find out.



Thanks for visiting Smutling. I hope you enjoy my work.
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Love, Nikki xx