Ep30 – Nikki, can we discuss your hotwife hobby? (4:15)

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Q: Can we discuss your hotwife hobby?
Sure, go ahead.

Q: Can you explain what being a hotwife means?
It’s a wife in an open relationship who has her husband’s consent to sleep around.

Q: Can you confirm you’ve slept with people other than your husband?
Yes I can. I have slept with both men and women.

Q: Do you ever flirt with strangers?
Sometimes yes.

Q: Is your husband a cuckold?
Not really, he is in charge and he gives me permission.

Q: How do you ask for permission?
I get hubby in a good mood. I’m very good at getting hubby in a good mood and then I ask politely.

Q: Has he ever refused?
Yes, hubby has refused on a few occasions, with reasons that I may not have necessarily agreed with but I’ve accepted them.

Q: Has he watched you have sex with someone?
He has watched me have sex with someone.

Q: Have you had a threesome that included your husband?
No, not yet any way. Maybe in the future.

Q: Does he expect to be there when you’re with other people?
It depends on the situation. Sometimes he’s there, sometimes he’s not.

Q: Had he introduced you to people you ended up having sex with?
Yes, he has.

Q: What qualities do you look for in partners?
For men, I’d look for him to be tall, handsome, laid back, easy going. And for women, maybe petite, brunette and of course a good personality counts for both of them. But there are always exceptions to the rules.

Q: Is it hard finding partners?
Yes, I do find it hard. It’s difficult to judge attraction from say just a picture or talking to someone through social media.

Q: How do strangers usually get on your radar?
I meet people at events and I connect with a lot of people through social media, but of course there is an awful lot of noise.

Q: What is the protocol to ask to see you?
The best way would be to talk to me first obviously and then go to hubby to ask permission.

Q: How should they ask hubby?
If it goes well with me I’ll let them know how to contact hubby.

Q: Have you asked your husband for specific hotwife experiences?
I’ve always liked the idea of being spit roasted.

Q: Has your husband asked for any specific hotwife experiences?
I think he’d love to watch me get it on with a very attractive woman.

Q: When do you expect to have your next hotwife experience?
Hubby has some thing in the works at the moment. So hopefully pretty soon.

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