Northern lights, illegal drugs and a hot TV scientist

Brian Cox is a professor of particle physics and a hot TV science personality in the UK. I’m a fan of his and I wrote this story with him mind. It is set in Northern Finland in late winter.

Brian worked his tongue over my clit in time with the music I gazed up out of the glass ceiling. Our arctic pod was toasty warm and hushed silent. I lay naked wrapped in the fur blanket, my legs draped over his shoulders, my moans filling the small space.

I was unsure how long we had been holed up. Time was lost on me thanks to the magic truffles. I was tripping like crazy. I was pretty sure I’d already orgasmed that night. But he was a generous lover and insisted on eating me while I enjoyed the light show above. How could I refuse?

“Holy fuck!” I muttered as my eyes closed, my back arched and I felt another orgasm take hold. I grabbed a hand full of Brian’s dark hair with one hand, the other grabbing the fur blanket. Pleasure raced through my body and I moaned.

He held on to my hips tightly as they bucked in response to him. His tongue never stopping as I rode the wave.

As my orgasm subsided, my chest heaving out of breath, he released me and I flopped my head back onto the bed. My heart was thundering and I could feel beads of sweat between my breasts.

He maneuvered back up till we were face to face again, and kissed me. I cuddled into him and said “Please tell me about the Aurora again”.

“The story” he said, “starts with our sun…”

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