Does size matter?

Guys sometimes talk to me about penis size. They bring it up, I swear.

They want to know if they’re big enough. They ask what’s the biggest I’ve had. They ask me to rate their size, good or bad.

It’s part of the dick pic phenomenon I think. If you want to show your dick to a strange woman, perhaps you also want her to discuss it, particularly its size.

There are women, although I don’t know any, who want really big cocks. They are size queens who are aroused by the sight of a big cock. I don’t think this is typical though. I assume the small percentage of men with monster cocks matches the percentage of women who fetishize big dicks.

I want to reassure guys that you’re most likely a perfectly good size. I think most women are like me, they want it big enough to know it’s there but small enough not to hurt.

I’ve had penis that was disappointing in size (Halloween special coming with more details!). And I’ve had penis that was on the large end of the spectrum. To be honest, the largest I had was probably a little too big.

Remember that we’re not able to take just any size. If a penis is too large, it’s physically uncomfortable. Every woman’s body is unique so what exactly is “too small” or “too big” is impossible to say.

I remember hearing once that guys usually only ever see their penis by looking down. But this angle is not flattering length-wise. The penis looks longer when viewed from the front, like in a full-length mirror or by a woman.

So if you worry that you’re small, make sure it’s not just angles messing with your perspective.

But here is the good news. Of the dick pics I’ve seen 99% are a perfectly good size. And when you worry about length you forget all about girth, which is equally if not more important. The vast majority of guys reading this have nothing to worry about. Believe me, I’ve done the research!

And to the guys that actually enjoy being ridiculed (“Small Penis Humiliation”), that’s no problem but you have to ask for it first, then I’ll let you have it! 🙂

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