Me & the Hot Couple

I’d been casually dating the hot couple for a while before they invited me to their place for “the threesome”. I asked hubby’s permission and then confirmed. I was really excited.

They are both my age. She is beautiful and alternative. He is strong and silent. I’ve had so much fun going out with them drinking and dancing. We’re not shy about touching and kissing, even in public. It feels so naughty to kiss her, then him, knowing people can see what I’m doing.

The night of the invitation came and I really wanted to look good for them.

We hung out in their living room first. Hash and wine. All very relaxed and comfortable. We were flirting, laughing, joking. She made the first move, sliding closing and leaning in to kiss me. We made out passionately, smiling across the coffee table at him as he watched.

He joined us then, sitting between me and her. He kissed her. Then he kissed me. Knowing what was coming was incredibly hot.

My hands were on them, their hands were on me. Hands were everywhere. I’d never let a hand between my thighs before and not been sure whose it was. It didn’t matter of course, I opened my legs and went with it.

I was the first to start peeling off clothes. They both followed my lead.

She suggested we’d be more comfortable in bed. She went up the stairs first, I went second. He went last, my naked ass in front of his face as we climbed the stairs. I got a thrill out of that!

We were all naked by the time we reached the bed. I went down on her straight away, I was so eager. They made out as I ate her out.

She and I went down on him, taking turns to suck his cock and lick his balls. The sounds he made from two chicks pleasuring him will stay with me for a long time.

He encouraged me to lay back on the bed, he spread my legs and started to kiss and lick my pussy. I made out with her while he worked.

She got up on him first. Sliding herself down his hard cock. I watched in awe as she gyrated on him. So intimate and personal to watch a loving couple fucking. And I had a front row seat.

Then it was my turn. I threw a leg over him, reached a hand between my legs to find his thick cock. I positioned it and then let my weight slowly work it’s way down. I kissed him hard as he pushed up to meet me. He was the first man to enter me since I got married. The rush was unreal.

We tried lots of combinations and arrangements. I licked her delicious pussy until she came. And then she returned the favor. I came hard on her tongue, bucking and shuddering with pleasure.

When it was all over, the three of us lay naked and sweaty. We hung out naked then, drinking and smoking.

It was probably the sluttiest thing I’ve ever done. Sleeping with an established couple. Letting this guy in a monogamous relationship fuck me while his long-term devoted girlfriend watched and touched herself. Licking her freshly fucked pussy until she came. Tasting her pussy off his cock. Tasting her pussy off his lips. God it was all so hot.

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