My exhibitionist origin story

It was only after it was over that I realised just how slutty I’d been. I’d never done anything as exhibitionist as that before. I carried the thrill of it with me for days and it changed how I saw myself. I’ve not been the same since.

I’d been dating my boyfriend for a few months. Things were going really well and we were sleeping together. But that particular day, for some reason, I was so very horny. Unable to sit still kind of horny. Can’t stop my thoughts racing horny. Can’t keep my hands off you horny.

I was visiting him on the college campus. He lived on campus and I lived nearby. After visiting he was walking me down the long path towards the campus entrance. The path cut it’s way through grass and low shrubs. It was early evening and dark already. We walked hand in hand.

As the path curved round, the ground levelled and I stopped under one of the street lamps. He stopped also. The cone of yellow light illuminated 6 feet of ground in every direction. To one side of us the campus entrance was visible in the near distance. To the other side was the main college cafeteria, also in the near distance.

I stood in that cone of light with my boyfriend, very much in love and very much in lust. I smiled up at him, then slowly sank to my knees.

He stumbled out a confused objection but I had his pants unzipped already and my hand was inside working to free his cock.

“We’ll be seen!” he hissed.

“Nobody is watching” I replied as I began to kiss and lick.

“The whole cafeteria can see us!”

“Mmmmmm” was all I could respond.

I didn’t look back, I just concentrated on doing a good job.

He was moaning, his hands on my shoulders and the back of my head. Pushing me on. Grunting and starting to thrust.

My catholic school uniform was not meant for late night outdoor adventures. My bare knees on the cold ground. The hem of my uniform skirt kissing the rough concrete. My tight shirt strained against my breathing, my nipples hard from excitement and the cold night air.

The whole experience lasted only minutes, but it revealed to me just how much I like the idea of an audience. I was so incredibly wet the whole time. On my knees sucking cock for all to see. I was a new person!

Who might have seen me? Other students, some I knew perhaps. Teachers, coaches, janitors. I didn’t care who, I only cared that they might see. To this day I hope some did.

I masturbated as soon as I got home that night. And it’s still a fond memory that I visit from time to time.

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