Halloween Special (4:47)

Warning, viewer discretion is advised. This video is gross.

Q: We’re going to discuss your grossest experiences, OK?
Yeah, go ahead.

Q: What was the grossest sex you ever had?
There was once this guy who had gross cum. It was the consistency of cottage cheese.

Q: Did he cum inside your pussy?
Unfortunately yes.

Q: Was there any thing else wrong?
He didn’t last very long and he was very small.

Q: How did you feel after?
Thinking back, I probably got sick a little in my mouth.

Q: Have you encountered other disappointing penises?
I went on a date with this guy once who had a really thin penis. I ended up nick naming him pencil dick. It was really long and thin, like freakishly thin.

How long was it?
Oh, it was totally, like, normal length. But just really thin.

Did you get a good look at it?
Oh, god no, I just got away from it as quick as I could.

Q: Were you curious to experience it?
No, not in the least. No.

Q: What is the freakiest sex act you’ve witnessed in person?
I once dated this guy who was able to go down on himself. I watched him do this a few times and he once even came in his own mouth.

Q: How was that possible?
He was a skinny guy and I would say actually that he had quite a large penis. It was bigger than average.

Q: Did he discover he could do this or did he practice?
He admitted to me that he was able to do this and that he had practiced doing it. I didn’t believe him. I told him to show me, so he did.

Q: Did you see it more than once?
Yes actually I did.

Q: Did he do this when alone, as masturbation?
Yes, he admitted to me he did this in private.

Q: How much could he reach?
It was definitly the whole head and a little bit of the shaft.

Q: What did he do with this hands?
He was masturbating himself at the same time.

Q: Did you ever see him cum in his mouth?
I did and I watched his reaction. The gross look on his face.

Q: Did he swallow?
He did swallow, yes. In fairness to him!

Q: Did he want to swallow?
No, he didn’t want to swallow. This was the relationship where I was the domme and I told him to swallow.

Q: Was he proud of this skill?
I think he was a little bit proud. He was always looking to take his pants off and show off his dick.

Q: Did it turn you on?
No, it didn’t turn me on. But I’m a very open minded person so, if that’s what got him off!

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