Two doms in one night

The last time hubby and I went to the fetish club he amused himself by tieing me to a stripper pole when he needed to go to the bar. He used the belt from his costume to bind my hands and said something like “I need to keep my property safe till I get back”. He slapped my ass and headed off across the club to the bar.

One guy came out of the crowd and engaged me in conversation while I was tied up.

Hubby returned after a few minutes with a fresh drink. He untied me and I kept speaking to the handsome stranger.

He was very nice to talk to, very charming. His accent was exotic and pleasing.

Jump to a few weeks later. Hubby vetted and approved of the gentlemen, and the three of us met up one night for drinks.

Things started slowly, drinking and chatting. After a little while, hubby told me to make our guest as comfortable as possible. I asked the gentleman if I could kiss him.

My head was in his lap soon afterwards.

He had me straddle him. I lowered myself slowly and began to grind. He flipped me onto my back and started to fuck me. I was fully naked by the end, except for the choker around my neck.

After the sex, my new friend and I cuddled together while hubby joined us for a drink.

And when it was just me and hubby again, he used me thoroughly also. I believe I satisfied two men that night.

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