Anal, a touchy subject

I have a sensitive topic to discuss. Its about anal sex.

Hubby and I have experimented a little with anal play and anal sex. Actually it’d be more accurate to say, hubby has experimented on me.

The advice online about anal play is consistent. Go slow, use lube, go slower, use more lube. But they don’t talk about the risk of making a mess.

So my question is… What should happen to a finger, or fingers, after they’ve been in your butt?

Are they done? Should the tainted hand be held in the air until the sex is over and the owner can get to a sink? Should they wipe the body part on the sheets and carry on?

Should you act like it’s no big deal and proceed like the finger never went near the ass in the first place? That’s what you’d do if it had been in a mouth or pussy…

I’m very glad hubby has never wiped his fingers on the sheet. But I’d also prefer his tainted fingers didn’t go elsewhere until they’re clean again.

We genuinely need some good advice. What’s the etiquette of pausing to wet-wiping in the middle of sex?

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