Swingers should come out of the closet

My experience is limited to the small city of Dublin so maybe it’s just us but we’ve found it very hard to break into the swinger scene.

You have to know someone who can put you on a list. You have to meet for coffee first. You may have to buy a ticket in advance. There will definitely be rules, you may have violated one already. The first rule of fuck club is…

It’s all a bit over the top to be honest.

The fetish sites are teeming with people who live their lives openly. They’re much more likely to show their face, and they often over-communicate their kinks before you’ve even asked. The fetish events are thrilling and frequent. Just drop by, all are welcome.

The swinger hookup sites, on the other hand, are full of people terrified to show their face, use their real name or tell you what part of the country they’re in. The hotter they appear to be, the shadier their behaviour.

Even when we did manage to get invited to an expensive private swinger party, we were immediately uninvited when they learned I had a sex blog.

They were afraid of me because I wasn’t in the closet and they were worried I’d “out” them.

Why would I ever want to do that? I didn’t want to hurt them, I wanted to fuck them!

Their closed and fearful attitude is silly. This is the era of sexual liberation. Be gay, straight, bi, trans. Be a sissy, a foot worshipper, a masochist, a sadist.

Live your life with honesty. Don’t hide in the shadows. Be who you want to be!

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