Submissive Position Chart

One of the older artefacts from the seedy parts of the Internet is the Submissive Position Chart. Do a search and you’ll find several varieties. There are lots of different charts, but they are all pretty similar. If you spend enough time in BDSM groups and forums you will come across a version of the chart.

I’m relatively new to submission. I was already married before I really began to learn about submission and how to be a good submissive. I try hard to please my husband. And I know I’ve done a good job when he drifts off asleep, freshly milked and exhausted by my handy-work.

To honor the many subs who went before me, and as a gift to my husband, I have created my own version of the Submissive Position Chart. I took creative license so it’s a little unique. I hope you like it.

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