Hubby’s kink list

Recently hubby sat me down with a list of fetishes. He said he’d been inspired by my Kink List and BDSM Test results.

The list of fetishes he gave me were his fetishes only. He’d made his own version of the Kink List or BDSM test.

He asked me to score each of the kinks on his list. I was told to give score 1 for anything I’d never want to do under any circumstances, and score 10 for anything I’m happy to do any a daily basis.

Many of the things on the list are fetishes I’m already subjected to frequently, like “kneeling to suck cock” and “having your face cum on”. Some of the things on the list were things we’ve never tried.

I wasn’t really surprised by anything on the list, I know my husband pretty well. But I asked, why do you need me to score these things? At the end of the day, won’t you just do what you want with me?

Of course I will, he said, but I expect to use you for years to come.

He explained I’m not disposable to him. I’m not someone he can use up and throw away. He has to move at a pace I’m comfortable with. I was touched. It’s nice to know he plans to keep using me as a sex toy for years to come.

Based on the list and my answers, I assume I’m going to be tied up a lot more. I also think gags are going to be something I get used to. I’ve never worn a gag before. That’s going to change.

We’re also going leash shopping soon, so I’ve that to look forward to 😉

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