Project Celeb

Seducing a hot famous person has always been a fantasy of mine.

Hubby and I have compiled a list of hot celebrities. It’s a diverse list with local celebs and international ones. There are both males and females, naturally.

The only thing they have in common is how hot they are. If I ever get the chance I have permission to approach anyone on the list and try to seduce them.

It’s going to require patience. I will bide my time. And it may never happen. But if I see a chance I will pounce. It’ll be difficult to seduce a celebrity I guess. They probably get offers of sexy time often. What can I do to stand out?

How do you seduce a male celebrity?

I imagine it’s the exact same way you seduce any male, but maybe a little slower. I can’t come on too strong as that might scare them away. But they have urges, and I’m pretty good at both producing and relieving those urges so I’m hopeful!

How do you seduce a female celebrity?

Well it’s tougher obviously. Some have gone on record as bi or lesbian. That helps with making a list. And women are not going to worry about paternity cases and the like. Beyond that I have no good ideas. I’ll probably stick to what usually works for me, wine and flirting.

Are you or do you know any hot celebrities?

Do you know or have access to a hot celebrity that you think I should sleep with? Can you or can someone you know introduce me to a hot celebrity that I should sleep with?

What’s in it for you? Well, I can be very grateful when I get my way… 😉

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