My first foot fetish experience

I’ve never been with anyone who especially liked my feet. They’ve always looked good to me, and I keep them in good condition. But no guy has ever given them a second look. Guys want me in slutty heels, and they want to touch my legs but they never seem interested in my feet. Even Hubby has a strong distaste for feet.

So I was really excited to have an evening recently with a foot fetishist. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I bathed and tended to my feet. They were having a date night so I gave them a fresh polish and pedicure. (Did you know I’m a trained manicurist and pedicurist?)

I wore a short dress and black strappy heels. I sat back on my low chair, legs crossed, one foot held high waiting for attention.

He kissed, licked, sucked and thoroughly worshipped my feet. He knelt at my feet and lavished them with attention. He worked in silence. I was in heaven.

I had wondered if it’d be ticklish or difficult to endure. But it was so relaxing and enjoyable. Never had one of my toes been inside someone’s mouth, but by the end of the evening all of them had had several trips through his skilled mouth.

When he’d gotten over the initial excitement, he switched gears and began to massage and sooth my feet with his strong hands. Lashings of oil gave my feet a sheen. I sat back, sipped my gin and enjoyed the attention.

Hubby was nearby but he was doing his best not to watch. “Nobody needs to see that!” he declared jokingly.

The dress I picked for the night was short on purpose. I wore no underwear and I wasn’t careful, so I assume at times he could see all the way up to my naked pussy. I hope he enjoyed the view.

Towards the end of the evening, I didn’t want to put my freshly cleaned and massaged feet on the floor – so I just used his face as a foot rest. I think he enjoyed that, I certainly did.

Overall, I enjoyed having a professional work on my feet. Using him as a human footstool was just a perk!

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