An evening with a sub male

As you may know I have experimented with submissive men. I enjoy the dominatrix look and have rocked it on more than one occasion. But I’m not exactly a natural at being in charge. I prefer to be the sub, to do as I’m told.

However, I do get a kick out of abusing guys who want me to abuse them.

So it was recently when my husband organised for a submissive maggot to be my plaything for an evening. A tall, strong, professional, educated and polite gentleman who wanted to be, who begged to be, my plaything.

He brought me a nice bottle of wine, a lovely touch. He was friendly but nervous.

I started out by giving him some basic domestic chores but he was pretty useless almost immediately. I’m not sure if he was terrible because he wanted to be punished or if he was terrible because he’s a worthless human being. Hard to know for sure. He even struggled to mix me a gin and tonic. Had he proved to be a better house slave I’d be much more inclined to invite him back. But he was so worthless, it’s hard to see why I’d bother frankly.

I gave him scissors and a roll of black tape. “Put an X on the floor in that corner” I told him. He stood on the X, facing into the corner naturally, while I drank the wine he’d brought me and I shot him with a Nerf gun.

He knelt at my feet while I interrogated him about his sexual history. He claimed to have slept with 13 women. That seemed very high for such a lowly maggot but perhaps he paid for it.

With his forehead on the floor I experimented with different kitchen implements. In the name of science, I whacked his ass with spatulas and tools of different materials. Unsurprisingly wood is better than plastic and metal is better than wood.

Hubby hovered in and out. He suggested questions (“ask him how often he masturbates”) and punishments (“ever slapped a guy’s face for fun?”). Hubby seemed to enjoy telling the slave that I’m only allowed sleep with real men. I made a point of reminding the slave how completely unattractive I found him.

His face did get slapped. Several times. Although to be honest, I found myself holding back a little. It’s a hard thing to do, deliberately hurting someone just for fun. I got better with practice.

I did make him show me his cock, which was surprisingly decent. What a shame – a nice big cock attached to such a pathetic human.

When I got bored with him, I just dropped the hammer. “Get out of my house” I said, pointing to the door.

He scurried out quickly and without a word. Truly pathetic.

After he was gone, I was fucked by a real man.

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