Fairies are real and just as perverted as us

I was born and raised in Ireland, an ancient and magical place. You probably know that today is St Patrick’s Day, a very special day in Ireland because this is the land of leprechauns and fairies.

Now, obviously I can’t talk about leprechauns. The Wee Folk Act of 1810 sets out strict rules about what I can tell outsiders.

But I am free to talk about fairies. Fairies inhabit the woods and forests of Ireland. They build their homes in old trees and it was during a walk through a local park with my dog that I came across a fairy door I hadn’t seen before.

Hollywood and Disney would have you believe that fairies are beautiful, playful and pure. The truth is that they are just like us. They have urges like the rest of us. Just on a smaller scale.

The fairy door I happened to discover was special because it was the entrance to a fairy sex shop. I took a quick picture and got out of there quickly before the next customer came along and embarrassed us both.

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