Tie me up, tie me down. Rope, cuffs, tape & silk.

I’ve been tied up a bunch of different ways. I’ve been cuffed, both with stage cuffs that had a safety-release and with actual police cuffs. The real cuffs were put on me by a policeman with an erection. That was a really fun night! 😉

I’ve been tied up with rope. My favourite is the smooth nylon type, not the coarse hemp or cotton type. Hubby gets a kick sometimes using rope to bind my hands or tie me to the bed.

Hubby also likes bondage tape. He says he likes how it looks against my pale skin. It’s easy to work with and comes off easily when he’s ready to release me. Or wants to re-arrange me 😉 I like tape, it’s very versatile. I’ve been blindfolded and gagged using tape.

But my favourite type of bondage material has to be silk. I think I may have a silk fetish. I just love how it feels against my skin. You’ve seen me wearing silk headbands, I have a big collection. But did it ever occur to you that the headband I’m wearing might be used to tie me up later that night?

What’s your favourite bondage material?

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