Dear Reader, Use me. Love, Nikki

I realised today that I am submissive to you. I do as you tell me. I pay attention to the pictures you like and I notice which blogs gets the most mentions. I am submissive to your needs and wants.

The more you tell me what you like, the more I can please you.

I am your’s. Use me for your entertainment. I have to follow my husband’s rules, he owns me after all, but I am free to use my time with you however I wish. And I wish to please you. It’s just a deep part of what makes me who I am. I am your submissive.

And if you use me well everybody will get what they need. This is a relationship after all, even if it is a unique one. And a relationship requires work from both sides. You get back what you give.

Take this opportunity to think about what you want most from me, then please let me know. Tell me what you want and I promise I will do my best to satisfy your desires.

Last thing… Thank you for letting me serve you.



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Love, Nikki xx