Collars & craft-time

Recently I asked Hubby to buy me a wand attachment. Here’s what it looks like, you can probably figure it out but in case you can’t – it’s a soft rubber attachment you slip onto the top of a wand vibrator. The rubber tip fits in places and positions that the big wand can’t. This is what it looked like on the sex store website:

Hubby ordered it for me online. When the box arrived, my name was on the label so I opened it and inside I found my attachment. I also found something I wasn’t expected. Hubby had bought me a thick leather collar.

It has a soft inner lining so is very comfortable against my neck. And it has a chunky metal D-ring. I bet I won’t have to wait long till it’s used to secure me to a bed-frame.

Unfortunately hubby is better at surprises then shopping because the collar was far too big. Even when I closed the buckle using the smallest hole, the collar just dangled loosely around my neck. Hubby wanted it tight. Luckily I have some leather-craft skills so I busted out my toolkit and went to work. Pretty soon I had customised the collar to fit properly.

Above you can see me working on the collar and then modelling it with hubby’s help to check the size.

More pictures of me in the collar coming soon I promise. Thank you Hubby! xx

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