A queen on her knees

I’m not a slave. I am a submissive.

As far as I’m concerned, slavery is not having a choice and submission is about giving voluntarily.

My husband treats me very well. He calls me his favourite possession and that pleases me.

He’s not the perfect husband but he’s the perfect husband for me.

He treats me like his queen, until it’s time to treat me like a fuck toy.

He shows me respect and cares for me, then he fucks the shit out of me.

He loves me and it often feels like he adores me. But he also soils me with his cum, uses all my holes, pins my limbs, binds my body and manoeuvres me to suit his desire.

We enjoy each other’s company. We spend a lot of time talking and debating. He values my opinion and respects my knowledge. He is a kind prince, until he becomes a horny pervert.

In our bedroom there is a small beautiful white rug. He unfurls it from time to time and tells me to kneel on it. He wants me to be comfortable on my knees while he fucks my mouth. That is romance.

He treats me as an equal but he also enjoys cumming on my face.

I love him and the things he does to me.

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