Who wants to play?

Recently I haven’t been going out much. I’ve just been too busy with my puppy Spock. He is growing fast and almost my size already! We go out running together most days and in between he needs lots of play and attention.

But I’m ready for things to go back to how they were. I’ve asked hubby to start inviting people over again. And I also want to see if I can find some interesting folks to meet.

What I really like is meeting kinky couples. When we’ve gone to fetish nights it’s always the couples who are the most fun to talk to. I’m just curious and love to ask personal questions 🙂

So… Are you in a kinky relationship and live in/near Dublin? If so, maybe you’d like to come over some evening for drinks with me and hubby (and Spock)? We’ll ask lots of personal questions and you’re welcome to ask us anything of course. We want the fun of hanging with kinky couples but outside the drama of a fetish event.

If this sounds at all interesting, hit me up on Fetlife.

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Love, Nikki xx