More orgasms went live about 18 months ago. In that time I’ve received a ton of awesome messages supporting me and what I’m going. So many people have encouraged me, many more than I ever expected.

And I get lots of unsolicited dick pics and requests for pictures of my tits and other parts. I love to get cock and cum tributes. They make me blush!

But it’s probably the filthy messages I enjoy the most. I really like hearing the perverse ideas that go through people’s heads when they’re exposed to my material.

It’s flattered but it’s also so interesting. I don’t have a male mind so I’m fascinated learning about what it is you guys enjoy most.

There are often messages telling me I contributed to a recent orgasm. That’s very gratifying, as you can imagine. I’m touched that you took the time to include me and to let me know.

It satisfies a real kink of mine to know I am part of your jerk-off material. I want to know when I am. I want to encourage it! 🙂

Honestly, I think there should be more orgasms in the world. Wouldn’t it be a nicer place?

I’m doing what I can to help produce more orgasms. I hope you do as well 😉

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Love, Nikki xx