Alpha Male

The phrase “submissive wife” means different things to different people. There are some Christian women who believe the bible tells them to be submissive to their husbands, for instance.

That’s not my life though.

I’m not a submissive person generally but I am with hubby. He’s earned it. He has all the traits of an alpha male.

It feels like I’m part of a pack. My husband and I are part of that same pack, we have each other’s backs, we share resources and so on. But he’s in charge. We go where he says.

There can be only one alpha dog in a pack. And my husband is clearly it.

It’s not like we fought to see who’d end up on top. I didn’t fight for supremacy but if he’d been weak or untrustworthy, I’d have taken charge. Even if it meant splitting the pack.

Some women are submissive because their religion tells them to be. Some are submissive because they feel they need to be. I’m submissive because I found an alpha male who deserves my submission.

For me, it feels like it comes from deep within. It’s very animalistic and instinctual. You don’t have to dig very deep to find the animal in all of us. At least, that’s what I believe.

If you’re going to be dominant, then you better earn it. If you’re going to be submissive, then you better know your place.

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