The Blind Date

This man is not my husband.

I crossed something exciting off my bucket list this year. Hubby introduced me to a friend of his who happened to be a tall handsome soldier.

I’ve always had a thing for men in uniform. For as long as I can remember, I’ve just loved the look of big strong men in impressive uniforms.

Real life heroes deserve special treatment in my eyes 😉

I imagine if I was a poor peasant girl living in a war zone, my town protected by brave soldiers, I’d do everything I could to help and support them. I’d show my gratitude in any way I could. Whatever humble services they might need. I’d be at their beck and call.

The gentleman hubby introduced me to was very polite and friendly. He was talkative and interesting. He had the gift of the gab as they say, and I was entertained listening to his stories as we all hung out.

He was very strong and quite rough with me. I was thrown around a lot and we worked our way through many different positions. He was very well endowed. To be honest, I’m petite and he was too big for me. He fucked me for almost an hour.

Then he came on my face!

Hubby watched the whole thing. He just sat, drinking his beer and grinning throughout.

I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face afterwards. It was all just so naughty.

The next day I realised I could smell him off me. It was very intoxicating and sexy as hell. I was genuinely sore and bruised but I didn’t mind in the slightest. I proudly showed off the finger print bruises on my legs to hubby.

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