Call me Nikki

I’m a married housewife and I’m submissive to my husband. He tells me what to wear, what to cook, and how to service him. In return, he gives me a very comfortable life. As a reward for sustained good behaviour, he lets me sleep with other people.

He knows how much I enjoy attention, especially sexual attention.

I like men admiring me. I get turned-on knowing I’m being enjoyed as a sex object. I like being objectified. This could be related to my promiscuous tendencies. Possibly 😉

I can say this from the safety of my relationship with hubby. He protects me from the risks it presents.

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I want to tell you about my sex life, my sexual history and my fantasies for the future.  And I want to talk to others about their sex lives. I want to know what people do behind closed doors.

I am a smutling, someone who enjoys cheap thrills and obscene materials. Who doesn’t?

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